Personal Travel filters Protect from airborne virus / cross infection.

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Approx 36 hours+ protection each travel filter, Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipes or lightly rinse in cold water between uses. Active carbon charcoal is more effective when slightly damp.



Trap and kill airborne flu virus with travel nose filters .

travel nose filters with triple filters of activated carbon charcoal / anti-bacterial copper fabric / cellulose filters within non toxic medical grade plastic cups  protect you from airborne virus and cross contamination.

Protect yourself from cross contamination .

First of all, development in association with the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP), Personal Travel Nasal Filters provide a first line of defence against airborne bacteria, Influenza virus and other harmful micro-organisms.

In addition, the insertion of a double layer of non-toxic impregnated copper oxide material between the activated charcoal and cellulose elements of the nasal filter enables Personal Travel Filters to address unique travel related health issues such as aero toxic fumes and reduce the risk of contracting viral infections.

Finally, many scientific studies have shown that copper has rapid, broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against some of the most toxic species of bacteria, fungi and viruses, making these nasal filters ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical offices and waiting rooms.

Especially relevant, when indulging in Air or Business Travel it seems like something new and harmful is always floating around in the air we breathe.
And this cross contamination can grow exponentially where many people from differing health environments and societies are crowded together, as in airline transport, medical waiting rooms or on public transport, and it can effect healthy living.

In conclusion, each individual nasal travel filter will give approximately 36 + hours protection. Use one per-long haul flight. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe between uses.

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Trial(One of each size), Small(11mm), Medium(13mm), Large (14mm)


3 pack, 6 pack, 21 pack

1 review for Personal Travel filters Protect from airborne virus / cross infection.

  1. DaveW (verified owner)

    ***** Travel filters – Veronica Whiteman (Cronulla, NSW, Australia)
    Halo, I want to write and thank the person who invented breathe easy nose protectors, I travel heaps and always have a runny nose after flights and sometimes have had bad chest infections following a flight. I wanted to go to England for years but was so frightened because of my “flight colds” because I’ve actually ended up in hospital after one flight.
    Well I decided to try Breathe ezy travel filters after reading about them on the net, I found they worked on a flight to Perth so I finally decided to see how I went using them on a flight to England.
    Not a drop of trouble with sneezes or chest infections that usually follow the sneezes, I sing your praises that I can now go anywhere I want anytime.

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