Personal nasal filters relief from exhaust fumes, passive smoke.


Suggest 3 filter trial pack one each size s-m-l for new customers to find their correct size and also try the filters before they buy AU$6.40/pack, Free delivery.

6 filter packs of each size s -m -l AU$17.00/pack. Free Delivery all orders.

48 hour+ protection each nasal filter, simply rinse lightly in cold water or wipe with tissue or alcohol wipes between uses, Note: activated carbon/charcoal is more effective on fumes and odors when slightly damp.

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Allergy nose filters protect you from exhaust fumes, second hand smoke.

Therefore all airborne particles are trapped within allergy nose filters within double activated carbon charcoal/ cellulose filters.

48 hour+ protection simply wipe with tissue, alcohol wipes or lightly rinse in cold water between uses.

Additional protection from dust, pollen spores and airborne pollution through allergy nose filters.

active carbon/charcoal adsorbent – How it works. .

Activated carbon effective and economic solution to eliminate exhaust fumes, second hand smoke for natural allergy relief.
Furthermore active carbon adsorbs gases, bad smells, smoke particles, carbon monoxide
and exhaust fumes within the carbon granules.
Also activated carbon works more effectively when slightly damp.

Finally Breathe-ezy nose filters are comfortable to wear and almost unnoticeable when in use.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
If Nasal filters® don’t perform to your expectations, advise our customer support office within 21 days and receive a full refund.

In conclusion Re-program your natural involuntary nose breathing and feel the benefits of Health and Vitality and Breathe Cleaner Air.

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Trial(One of each size), Small(11mm), Medium(13mm), Large(14mm)


3 Pack, 6 Pack, 21 Pack


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