Second hand smoke/exhaust fumes

Stop car exhaust fumes and second hand smoke.
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Personal nasal filters

Second hand smoke and multiple chemical sensitivity

Protect yourself and your family from exhaust fumes.

First of all nasal filters have a unique composite structure of active carbon/cellulose.
As a result these two materials are the best for filtering minute particles and fumes in air pollution.

In addition, active carbon (black) absorbs smoke and exhaust, whilst the cellulose material (white) traps minute airborne dust particles.
Hence, this dual structure giving you total protection when you breathe correctly through the nose.

Active carbon Filters – Air pollution Facts and Information.

Multiple chemical sensitivity

Also are you unhappy with the quality of air that you breathe.

And do you suffer nasal congestion and are you interested in breathing a little easier.

consider the invisible gases and vapours lurking in the air you breathe, Often the most dangerous air pollutants.

Consequently, how do you effectively deal with these airborne pollutants, How do you clean the very air that you breathe on a daily basis, Rest assured we here at Breathe-ezy Nasal breathing filters have a reliable and guaranteed solution on hand for you: Activated carbon personal nose filters protect you from air pollution effects.
In conclusion, these amazing HEPA air cleaning nasal filters for nasal infection are easy and all natural system of redress.

Activated Carbon adsorbent – How it works.

Therefore, the most effective and economic solution to eliminate exhaust fumes, second hand smoke, gases and vapors and obnoxious smells from the air that you breathe comes in the form of activated carbon filters.
Activated carbon is the answer Yes, activated carbon is also known as the universal adsorbent and is here to help you.

Furthermore, according to World Health Organization, Three Million city commuters and drivers die each year due to effects from air pollution & nbsp; that is to say 5% of 55 million annual deaths in the world. Due mainly to lack of pollution controls, which are, for the most part free radicals caused by exhaust fumes.

Nasal Filters Australia activated carbon and cellulose, are your headaches aches and pains triggered by hand second smoke, chemical vapors, exhaust fumes, Then these are for you.

Also we recommend these for MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivity.)

In conclusion, each individual nose filter can be used from 48 hours + without losing any effectiveness, depending to the pollution of the environment. Simply rinse lightly in cold water or wipe with tissue or alcohol wipes between uses as active carbon is more effective on fumes and odors when slightly damp.


Air pollution facts Australia


Suspended Particulate matter (SPM)

Diesel vehicles. Petrol vehicles, motor cycles. .
Effects: Chest infection, aggravates asthma, Children and seniors   most at risk.


Oxides of Nitrogen

Diesel exhaust fumes,   most at risk.
Effects: Chest Infections, rhinitis, headache, lethargy, irritation of eyes and aggravates asthma.



Oxides of Nitrogen from diesel and petrol. Generates ozone after photochemical reaction with sunlight. Children and seniors   at risk.
Effects: Can induce asthma in a normal person and aggravate asthma in patients. causes damage to the linings of the lungs.



Unleaded petrol emitted from catalytic converters
Effects: A known carcinogen, it has been linked to lung cancer and leukemia and can damage the central nervous system. Seniors and children at risk when commuting.


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Main Source: Petrol and diesel. Sports participants and children are  most at risk.
Effects: Headache, drowsiness, lethargy, red eyes and cough


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Main Source: Petrol vehicles,motor cycles, most at risk.
Effects: Aggravates ischaemic heart disease, affects stamina  adversely.


Sulphur dioxide

Main Source: Diesel Combustion ( avoid diesel exhaust fumes 30 times more dangerous than petrol fumes)
Effects: Aggravates rhinitis and asthma.