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Relieve allergic rhinitis

Breathe-ezy Nasal Dilators

breathe-ezy nasal dilators

Breathe better sleep better

Personal Pollen Filters

allergic rhinitis

Trap seasonal allergies and allergic rhinitis.

Personal Nasal Filters

Personal Nasal filters

Protect yourself from exhaust fumes, passive smoke.

Personal Travel Filters

personal travel filters

Protection from Airborne virus and cross infection.

Allergies Breathe-Ezy natural allergy relief Personal Nasal Filters® reduce exposure to allergy attack and protect the allergy sufferer, remove harmful allergens, traffic exhaust fumes, tunnel exhaust fumes, second hand smoke, chemical vapors, allergy triggers and minute particles from the air as you breathe, ensuring that you “Breathe Cleaner Air” preventing nasal allergies reduce exposure and nasal allergy asthma sinus whilst reducing the reliance on antihistamines and allergy medications.

Whilst the nasal filters open the airways to allow ease of breathing through the nostrils, a slight pressure is applied to the sensory points situated within the entry to the septum. This slight pressure stimulates the bodies natural self curative abilities, helping to release muscular tension allowing the bodies natural energy force to evolve which in turn stimulates the sinuses and airway passages.

Common Allergens In The Home



Where Found: carpet, plywood, particle board,insulation, adhesives
Reactions: sore throat, headaches



Where Found: household cleansers, paints strippers, gasoline,household bleach.
Reactions: respiratory problems fatigue/dizziness, These fumes can leave you with multiple chemical sensitivity if breathed in without nasal protection.


Where Found: bug sprays, lawn chemicals, household cleaners
Reactions: skin/eye/respiratory digestive tract/nervous system



Where Found: paints, gloves, caulking
Reactions: allergic reactions


Nitrogen dioxide

Where Found: Unvented gas stoves/heaters – Carbon monoxide gas appliances, exhaust fumes – Second hand smoke /passive smoke bars/bushfire smoke.
Reactions: respiratory problems headaches/dizziness


Dyes (especially dark blue)

Where Found: clothing, curtain, tablecloths, napkins, rags, furniture
Reactions: skin reaction

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