Relieve Respiratory system and breathe right.

First of all, Breathe-Ezy Nasal breathing Filters choose to use PayPal which ensures that your payment is 100% safe and secure without exposing your credit card or bank account details.
Also This system allows you to direct deposit from your account or the use of a credit card. For further information please visit PayPal.

In addition, International customers: please use PayPal or direct credit card transactions for your convenience and ours. Australian customers: you can choose to use PayPal, credit card, cheque, money order or Direct Deposit from your bank account.
Send to Breathe-ezy Nasal breathing Filters. PO Box 236 Rushworth Vic 3612. Direct Deposit into our bank account: Bendigo Bank. BSB 633-000 Account No 124216565 account name Breathe-ezy Nasal Filters. please give your name/order number so that we can identify your payment.

How much is shipping?

Shipping fees are free.

When will I receive my order?

As soon as we receive payment your order will process, it will be ship via Australia Post. Australian orders: please allow 1-3 business days delivery. International orders: please allow 7-12 business days delivery, depending on where you live.

What is the policy regarding returns or faults?

Finally all items are thoroughly checked prior to dispatch. However if the Nasal Filters are defective or do not perform to your expectations, return them for a refund or replacement. We must be contacted within 21 days from the purchase date in relation to any faults or concerns.

We cannot be held responsible for any goods lost in transit. Please arrange for the most secure postal service. We are not obliged to provide a refund, credit or exchange if you have changed your mind or decided you no longer want the item.

Customer Support

Our customer support line – you can e-mail where we are available to assist you with any questions, information or concerns you may have. Our number is as follows contact page.

How long will it take to receive my order

Your order will ship within 24 hours upon receipt of your order and payment. Please allow 1-5 days Australian orders.

What is Breathe-Ezy Nasal Filters privacy policy

Especially relevant we at Breathe-Ezy Nasal breathing Filters understand that your personal information must be treated with the utmost care and security.View out privacy policy here.

How do I wear my filter
We suggest our trial pack with one each s-m-l for first time customers to find their correct size.

In conclusion you may find it will take a few hours to get used to wearing the nose filters (similar to contact lenses) and that your nose runs slightly when you relieve allergy reactions (that’s a good sign, your respiratory system and sinuses are trying to clean themselves out and detoxify your respiratory system). Should this happen, simply remove the device, wipe it clean with a tissue, blow your nose and then re-insert the same Breathe-ezy Nose FilterĀ®.

After a short time, your runny nose will stop but the benefits will continue for up to 36 hours of continuous use per filter. Once Breathing through your nose becomes difficult, then that is the time to replace the filter with a new one.