Clear stuffy nose and breathing problems

relieve nasal congestion and deviated septum

snoring remedies

Relieve breathing problems and deviated septum

Snoring remedies and nasal congestion

Manufactured from a single medical grade plastic mould.
The design comprises of two ergonomically shaped  breathing cups joined by neat nasal strip retaining bracket when inserted into your nostrils.

Furthermore nose dilators help clear deviated septum enabling person sleeping to breathe 35% more warm moist air through the nose.

Stop snoring remedies This helps to prevent sleep apnoea by maintaining saliva within the mouth reducing dry mouth at night.

Clear stuffy nose, snoring remedies, nasal congestion and breathing problems

Finally, Re-program your natural involuntary nose breathing and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality.
Also dilators can be used economically by simply rinse after each use in cold water or with a sterilizing agent. The standard pack will give you indefinite use.

Almost unnoticeable when in use.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If Breathe-Ezy Nasal dilators┬« don’t perform to your expectations.

Simply advise our customer support office within 21 days and receive a full refund,

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