Breathe-ezy Nasal dilators clear stuffy nose, breathe better sleep better.

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6 dilator packs in your preferred size small- medium or large. AU$11.00/pack. Free Delivery all orders.

Breathe-ezy nasal dilators the first and original nasal dilator developed in 2004 with over 10,000 satisfied customers over the past 14 years. ^ 6 Dilator pack will give you approx 12 months + supply.



snoring solutions helping you stop snoring Breathe better sleep better .

First of all, Breathe-ezy Nasal Dilators are made from a single non toxic medical grade plastic mold. The design comprises of two ergonomically shaped breathing cups with a center a neat plastic strip which also acts as a retaining bracket when inserting into your nostrils. These cups are individually open allowing free airflow through your nasal passages helping to Relieve blocked nose and snoring with breathing relief.

In addition, the unique nasal dilators Australia clear the sinuses helping with deviated septum, breathe up to 35% more air through the nose.

This helps in snoring solutions preventing sleep disorders, stuffy nose,nasal congestion and relieves snoring by maintaining saliva within the mouth so reducing dry mouth at night. The saliva created is natures own remedy for reflux, Helping with indigestion and heartburn relief as it neutralizes acids within the oesophagus and stomach. You can at last have snoring solutions from sinus symptoms and insomnia without taking medications.

Breathing relief sports with Breathe-ezy nasal dilators .

Furthermore, whilst the nasal dilators open the airways to allow ease of breathing through the nostrils, a slight pressure applies to the sensory points within the entry to the septum.

In conclusion, Breathe-ezy nasal dilators are also Ideal to wear during sporting activities, opening the nasal passages by 35% air intake. And you can re-use and wear indefinitely.

Great value! Just lightly rinse in cold water between uses. Mixed pack with 2 each small-medium-large best buy.
Finally Re-program your natural involuntary nose breathing and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality and a feeling of confidence and well-being.

1 review for Breathe-ezy Nasal dilators clear stuffy nose, breathe better sleep better.

  1. DaveW (verified owner)

    > hi there, i would like to say a big thank you. the breath ezy products i
    > have bought are fabulous. my husband has driven me crazy for the last
    > fourteen years with his snoring. we have tried quite a few things, some
    > being expensive and none have worked. thanks to your products i can now go
    > to bed at a reasonable hour instead of staying awake `til the wee hours of
    > the morning. my husband also says thanks, as he wakes up feeling much
    > better. he no longer wakes up tired and cranky, and as he works long hours
    > driving a truck the sleep he gets is important. he now gets a good sleep
    > thanks to you.
    > thank you
    > jackie simpson

    NSW, Australia

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