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  Many nasal dilatorsof our customers told us that our filters really opened their nostrils and made it easier to breathe and  We took this a step further; cut off the top of the nasal filter, rounded the edges, removed the filtering inserts and developed the new  MaxAir Nasal Dilators Allowing for maximum air flow through the nostrils, assisting with aerobic conditioning,   nasal congestion and deviated septum.

Breathe-ezydeviated septum nasal dilators  are also a practical alternative to nasal strips for snoring when you are allergic to the effects of adhesives and latex.

  Nasal dilators have been designed and tested to ensure minimum 85%+ opening of breathing passages, ensuring free flow of air to the lungs at all times, this makes nasal dilators an attractive proposition for sinusitis relief,stuffy nose, nasal polyps, sinusitis relief, deviated  nasal congestionseptum, night time nose congestion and nasal relief.


                         100% natural, no drugs, no side effects, adhesive free, latex free.                       Buy Now                  

What are nasal dilators used for.

Nasal  dilators are used to help people with breathing relief when suffering from chronic sinusitis, sinus, hay fever,  colds and flu or nasal congestion, they open up the nostrils giving nasal relief and nose congestion problems and are a natural alternative to nasal sprays.

Whilst the dilator cups open the airways to allow ease of breathing through the nostrils, a slight pressure is applied to the acupressure points situated within the entry to the nostrils. This slight pressure stimulates the bodies natural self curative abilities, helping to release muscular tension  allowing the bodies natural energy force to evolve which in turn stimulates the sinuses and airway passages.

dilator cup sizes: small 11mm,  medium 13 mm and large  14 mm diameter. and are also used extensively by Athletes and Sports people worldwide, where clear and  unrestricted breathing is required  along with balanced breathing and performance enhancement.

Each dilator cup will give indefinite service of regular use before it needs to be replaced. just wash in mild detergent between uses.


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