Travel Health avoid airborne flu virus

Avoid Influenza virus and cross contamination when travelling.

Your luggage can come into contact with up to 80 million bacteria before you even set it down in your hotel room.

Stop airborne virus

Influenza virus avoid when travelling

Influenza virus the NASA funded SATOP program has helped with the development of these travel filters. Breathe-ezy Travel Filters Australia have a triple structure of active carbon/copper fabric/cellulose and these three materials are the best for filtering minute particles, fumes and airborne diseases.

Furthermore, they have come up with a unique and exciting solution to your problem dealing with viruses and airborne bacteria, The answer is Anti-bacterial copper material.
Also this material does not just filter the influenza virus it kills it on contact. The copper fabric is found in the nasal travel filters sold on this website.

Cross contamination flu virus can spoil your holiday

Finally, passengers are constantly at risk from aero toxic syndrome or contracting a number of quite nasty viruses from cross infection by simply sitting close to carriers.
And did you know that your immune system is at its most vulnerable when you are travelling.
Also Once you have been exposed to the influenza virus you may not realize for some 3 to 4 days and therefore no indication that you perhaps picked up the infectious virus in the plane or on the train/bus/boat leaving you feeling out of sorts at a time when you should be enjoying your vacation.