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 Reduce pregnancy allergies.

 Are you aware that the people  most vulnerable in the event of a Influenza Pandemic are pregnant mothers. Worldwide records over the past 100 years indicate that pregnant women register the most fatalities in proportion to the total number of deaths from airborne pollution and influenza outbreaks.                          

The main reason being that the immune system is already under great stress during pregnancy to nourish and protect mother and baby, therefore any extra strain from pollution, viruses or germs leave the pregnant mother more vulnerable.

Birth Defects from virus. ( First trimester pregnancy)

It could be the most frightening news a parent receives, yet it happens every single day, The parents of one out of every 28 babies learn that their baby has a birth defect. Birth defects according to the March of Dimes (MOD). affect 150,000 babies each year. Birth defects can be caused by genetics, or by something harmful the mother is exposed to during pregnancy, many of these defects have been traced to the pregnant mother being exposed to airborne pollutants and flu virus during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The mode of transmission of novel influenza virus A (H1N1) is identical to that of seasonal flu. The virus is transmitted from person to person through droplets released when a person speaks, coughs or sneezes. The closer contacts (less than 1 meter) with an infected person may represent, therefore, a risk. Infection can also occur indirectly when there is contact with droplets or secretions of other nose and throat of an infected person - for example, through; s contact with doorknobs, areas of public use, etc


There seems to be something in the air that can harm developing foetuses

Beate Ritz, UCLA
Avoid pregnancy allergies. Pollution linked to birth defects

Pregnant mothers are constantly advised during pregnancy to: Drink clean filtered water, Eat plenty of fresh nutritious food, Take regular moderate exercise and generally avoid activities that could threaten the future health of the mother and baby. However when are pregnant mothers advised to avoid areas of air pollution and sources of contagious viruses and bacteria.

a pregnant woman has almost no control over the quality of air she breathes

Gary Shaw

For some obscure reason clean virus free air does not rank when it comes to protecting yours and your new babies health and well-being, even though clean pollution free air is equally important during pregnancy. At last we now have a unique product that can fulfill this role and ensure that you can make a sensitive choice with natural allergy relief and  start to avoid air pollution in pregnancy, stop second hand smoke and areas of doubtful air purity and always Breathe Cleaner Air. enjoy the safety benefits of clean air and early pregnancy health.

When carbon monoxide enters the body it interferes with the blood's ability to bring oxygen to all body parts and organs. Without oxygen, the body soon shuts down. In the fetus, carbon monoxide crosses the placenta and reduces the amount of oxygen that is delivered and circulated. This can cause a condition called fetal growth retardation. Fetal growth retardation is an abnormality of fetal growth inside the womb that causes a tenfold increase in mortality

 Influenza dangers in pregnancy.

Pregnant women have a higher risk for serious complications from influenza than non-pregnant women .

Personal travel filters are designed to protect the pregnant mum and embryo from most types of airborne pollution and viruses due to the triple HEPA filter arrangement:  ( high efficiency particulate air) Travelfilters are Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungus.

                Activated clean air pregnancycarbon (black layer) influenza dangers pregnancyabsorbs  gaseous odors, exhaust fumes, passive smoke, second hand smoke and chemical vapors protecting your respiratory system and your unborn baby.

Just pop in the Personal Travel Filters when you suspect airborne pollution or infection in the area and you and baby are safe, when surrounding air is clear of pollution remove filters and wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe and store in your purse for next time. allergy relief pregnancy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  wearing  travel filters.pregnancy allergies

Influenza and Virus Protection in pregnancy.                    Buy Now                      

The NASA funded SATOP program has helped with the  development of these nasal filters. They have developed a unique and exciting solution to your problem dealing with viruses and airborne bacteria, The answer is Impregnated copper fabric.  This unique material does not just filter the virus it kills it on contact. The impregnated fabric is found  in the Travel Filters  sold on this website.

  Many bacteria and most viruses measure smaller than one micron in size. The copper impregnated material in our products kill these organisms on contact. Tested on viruses as small as .1 micron, the effective rating on our travel filters is 99+%

Personal Travel Filters are the only nasal filters with built in anti-microbial fiber protection, killing microbes on contact.  

Product Benefits designed by the Leading Minds in the Industry 

 What makes these  travel filters different from all the other flu products is the impregnated copper fabric. killing microbes on contact.   Travel filters are Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungus, and can be wiped with alcohol wipes or tissue between uses. Enjoy natural allergy relief without the use of drugs. NASA  noticed the importance of this material and they are responsible for bringing it to our attention. You can have full confidence in our nasal filters to protect you.

It is also important that you practice slowing down your breathing rate to lessen the allergy/asthma attacks.  Breathe-ezy Travel filters help you to control your breathing pattern and balance your oxygen/carbon dioxide levels.


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