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"If regular engagement in physical sports and healthy exercise have multiple positive effects on the healthy sports of individuals of all ages, there is also  relationship between the effects of breathing in air pollution  on your health,   breathe healthy sport, cycling breathing techniques and  quantity of pollutants in air and  intensity of human physical activity. People who devote themselves to aerobic  exercise in open air urban environments  can feel discomforted by air pollution"

                                                              Product Benefits       

Breathe easy Nasal Filters®healthy breathing have been developed to filter air and also ensure measured steady breathing through the nose without over-breathing  ensuring that your body receives  correct balance between oxygen  and carbon dioxide, all of which gives you a feeling of Vitality and Well-being during breathing exercises.

Whilst the nasal filters open the airways to allow ease of breathing through the nostrils, a slight pressure is applied to the sensory points situated within the entry to the septum. This slight pressure stimulates the bodies natural self curative abilities, helping to release muscular tension  allowing the bodies natural energy force to evolve which in turn stimulates the sinuses and airway passages.

Re-program your natural involuntary nasal breathing with Breathe-Ezy  Personal Breathing Products and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality and a feeling of confidence and well-being. breathing techniques

Note: Max Air Nasal Dilators are proving to be a great asset during exercise as a Quantum Generator, by balancing the natural breathing process. Ideal for  breathing exercises and aerobic exercise.

Benefits to You                                                                                                                       

    • 100% Drug Free, latex free therefore no drowsiness or side effects.
    • Traps exhaust fumes, smoke, airborne chemical vapors plus minute dust particles and pollen spores within  filters
    • Instantly improves quality of air you breathe balancing oxygen/carbon dioxide.
    • Opens nostrils and helps you balance breathing and breathe easier.
    • improves aerobic exercise through quantum generator balanced breathing.
    • Easy and discreet to use/economical.
    • Can be easily worn whilst exercising
    • Three different sizes. Small- Medium - Large.
    • They fit into your pocket and purse.   

    • 100% natural allergy remedy.                                                                                                                                         

    •  36 +hours protection each filter.
    • Balance your respiratory pattern

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                                                                                                                                                                                       Small 11 mm/ medium 13 mm/ large 14 mm dia.

The consequences of breathing  exhaust fumes on breathe healthy sport.

 Carbon monoxide from car pollution, traffic fumes and drag racing give off extremely toxic gas that is odorless, colorless and therefore difficult to detect, carbon monoxide attaches itself to red blood corpuscles, taking  place of oxygen. These corpuscles then transport less oxygen to the tissue cells and muscles that need them  and they often die as a result. Extremely light pollution containing carbon monoxide ( few milliliters per cubed metre) are sufficient to cause serious lesions and  dramatic loss of energy with headaches and lethargy as side effects. Resulting in adverse effects on athletes health and their overall performance in competition. Indeed the effects could even leave our top athletes with serious allergies and asthma triggers in the future.    nitric oxide

Do you know how many litres of air we breathe during our different sporting activities. Air inhaled (in litres/minute) whilst resting: 6...commuters walking:breathing exercisesalt=" Olympic athletes health, image" 15...cycling, jogging,  30...climbing stairs: 30-40...intensive  jogging rowing or uphill cycling: 60-100...endurance running: 60-100.

Find out why athletes, cyclists, Joggers and power walkers are most at risk when engaging in sports and exercise training within urban  air pollution  environment. clean air exercise


 Each individual nasal filter will give approximately 36+ hours protection.  Protect your health for less than 10 cents/ hour.

    Breathing exercises your health.                                                                           

  Many Sports  and cycling  enthusiasts tend to mouth breathe, that is bypass your nose and breathe through your mouth, Remember "If you don't use it you lose it" This also applies to mouth breathing. Our respiratory system is quite complex and designed to capture the majority of airborne pollutants by nature, this is achieved through  mucus generation within our sinus cavities which in turn capture and immobilize dust and airborne particles.                                                                                                                                                                       

Whilst breathing through the nose has multiple benefits, breathing through the mouth creates many negatives.

For those who desire a long and healthy life  it is always better to practice nose breathing 24 hours a day, and whilst this is extremely important for those who desire a long and healthy life, this is particularly important for snorers in that they need to reform the natural habit of nose breathing during waking hours, which in turn carries through to their sleeping hours.

The lungs are a primary control of our energy levels. they extract oxygen from the air we breathe primarily as we exhale, and because the nostrils are smaller than the mouth, air expelled through the nose creates back pressure when we exhale. effectively slowing the air escape and giving the lungs more time to extract necessary oxygen. when there is balanced oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange the blood maintains balanced pH. If carbon dioxide is lost too quickly as in mouth breathing, Oxygen absorption is decreased to the vital organs and muscles. The nostrils and sinuses filter and warm the air entering the lungs. mouth breathing bypasses this important function and can leave you with severe asthma. The sinuses also produce nitric acid (NO) which helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the respiratory system. dehydration accelerates when mouth breathing due to water loss in lower bronchial tracts.

Correct nasal breathing helps to reduce hypertension and stress leaving you with the feeling of well being and total relaxation and you better perform.

Always breathe through your nose for cycling  or any sporting  exercise activity. If you have to open your mouth to breathe or you lose control of your breathing STOP, normalize or take control, then resume the activity. Do not  encourage or try to mouth breathe or over breathe when exercising.
Are you aware that correct breathing is one of our most important Involuntary bodily functions, Find out why it is so critical to ensure that you always.

 It is strongly advised to use  nasal filters or alternative protection if physical  sports or exercise activity is undertaken in light pollution or car pollution  urban environments to avoid carbon monoxide exhaust fumes and airborne pollutants.

Nasal filters not only open the nostrils to allow correct nasal breathing whilst trapping airborne pollution, they also ensure that your body receives an injection of nitric oxide which is only found in the nasal pharynx, This essential natural gas plays a fundamental role in keeping your body healthy in allowing the blood vessels to relax and dilate, the gas stimulates performance                                         promoting wakefulness both of which are  important in sports, and yes you will also receive a welcome boost to your libido as a bonus.

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