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Personal Nasal Filters         

                 Have you these symptoms of breathing allergy relief.           

breathenasal filters rnatural allergy reliefight nasal filters ® contain HEPA personal  air purifiers of  activated carbon/cellulose, allergy air purifiers, these help you to Breathe Right  and are  practical   for your breathing allergy relief,  and protection from  carbon monoxide exhaust fumes, dangers second hand smoke, passive smoking, Activated carbon Considered one of the best developed and most efficient filtering materials in the world: breathing allergy reliefProtect yourself from: traffic exhaust fumes,                                                                            wearing nasal filter.

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Personal nasal filters. active carbon/cellulose.                                                                                           Suggest 3 filter trial pack for new customers to find their correct size. 

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Personal nasal filter. 21 filter economy packs.   

Each individual nose filter will give 36 + hours protection. simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe  between uses.


    Max-Air Nasal Dialators                

Snoring relief from sleep disturbance. 

-    MaxAir Nasal Dilators, snoring relief for snoring relief, Natural nasal device manufactured from a single medical grade plastic mould. The design comprises of two ergonomically shaped cups joined at center by neat plastic nasal strip which also acts as retaining bracket when inserted into your nostrils. These cups are individually opened allowing free airflow through your nasal passages, helping to ensure ease whilst sleeping. : The unique  MaxAir nasal dilator  will clear the sinuses whilst enabling sleeping person to breathe warm moist air through the nose.

Mixed pack
MaxAir Nasal Dilators mixed pack, 2 -small 11mm, 2-medium 13mm, 2-large 14mm.



Personal Pollen Filters

Natural allergy relief. 

Breathe easy Personal Pollen Filters® contain cellulose filters which trap and reduce effect of Pollen count,  dust mites, Pet allergies, Grasses, Mold and Dust, Allergens and relieve allergies, natural allergy relief.

Choosehay fever Personal Pollen Filters for protection from Hay fever, Dust Mite allergy, Pollen Spores, Grass, Mold and Dust allergies. Ideal choice for protection from:  Silica dust, Coal dust, Saw dust,

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Each individual pollen filter will give approximately  48 + hours protection. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe or lightly rinse in cold water between uses.


Personal Travel Filters

" allergy relief pregnancy when travelling "

 Personal Travel Filters®   HEPA  (high efficiency particulate air) contain Anti bacterial combination of Activated carbon/ Copper fabric/ Cellulose and protect your from Air pollution, Airborne Bacteria and  flu Virus. When indulging in Air Travel  it seems like something new and harmful is always floating around in the air we breathe.airborne virus

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Personal Travel Filters, carbon/copper/cellulose.                                                                                                  Suggest 3 filter trial pack for new customers to find their correct size.

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 Personal Travel Filters, 21 filter economy packs.

Personalallergies in pregnancy Travel filters will give you relief with protection from Airborne Bacteria, Airborne Infections, Airborne Virus,  Ideal choice for antiviral travel health and Healthy Pregnancy protection, medical waiting rooms and crowded public transport. Activated carbon (black layer) absorbs exhaust fumes, passive smoke and chemical vapors, Impregnated copper oxide (orange layer) kills airborne viruses and bacteria on contact, Cellulose (white layer) traps pollen spores, dust mites.

Each individual triple travel filter will give approximately  24 + hours protection against airborne virus, exhaust fumes and passive smoke, allergens/pollens and dust, simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe between uses,



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