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"Air travel can effect health through cross infection .

 When indulging in Air Travel or Business Travel it seems like something new and harmful is always floating around in the air we breathe. These airborne viruses can grow exponentially where many people from differing health environments and societies are crowded together, as in aircraft transport, and it can effect healthy living, Passengers are constantly at risk of contracting a number of quite nasty viruses by simply sitting close to  carriers,  be it flu virus, Influenza, Colds,  sars virus, airborne infection, legionnaires virus,  tuberculosis, etc.  

                                                                                                                      Small 11 mm/ medium 13 mm/ large 14 mm dia.

Add to this possible lack of adequate maintenance of some Aircraft Air Conditioning Systems  and you have  potentially volatile environments  for aerotoxic syndrome, toxic fumes, cross infection and spread of virus, so start to reduce effects of  influenza viruses by wearing Triple activated carbon/ copper oxide/cellulose Personal Travel filters will help prevent  influenza virus.                                   

If you are flight staff or regular travellers  by aircraft over long periods, you should always watch your healthy living standards and shield yourself, avoid cross contamination by wearing your travel filters during your travels. Why spoil your journey whether it be it work related, business  or pleasure through lack of preparation and Protection. 


 Breathe-ezy Personal Travelfilters ®   airborne infection   With Triple Activated Carbon/ copper/Cellulose inserts

 Each individual nasal filter will give approximately 24+ hours protection.  Protect your health for less than 10 cents/ hour.influenza virus  flu germs              Buy Now


How to avoid influenza virus when traveling

             Wear Breathe-ezy  Anti-microbial Personal Travelfilters when flying overseas.

The NASA funded SATOP program has helped with the  development of these nasal filters. They have developed a unique and exciting solution to your problem dealing with viruses flu germs and airborne bacteria, The answer is Impregnated copper oxide material.

This unique material does not just filter the virus it kills it on contact. The impregnated fabric is found in the travel filters  sold on this website.         

              Travel filters  are Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungus.               bird flu virus

  •                 Activated carbon (black layer) absorbs  gaseous odors, exhaust toxic fumes, passive smoke and chemical vapours protecting your respiratory system.
  •                 Impregnated copper oxide (orange layer) kills airborne flu germs and viruses on contact strengthening the immune system and keeping you healthy.
  •                 Cellulose (white layer) traps pollen spores, dust mites, house dust and minute airborne particles protecting you from allergens and allergies.
  •                 Testing on these Travelfilters by independent labs have shown strong filtering abilities. Allergens that measure 7-10 microns are filtered at 90% efficiency with odors and fumes at 70% while viruses and airborne bacteria  as small as .1 micron are killed on contact.
                                    Designed by the Leading Minds in the Industry
The  avian flu  travel filters  have impregnated copper built into the material which is what kills the germs virus and bacteria. NASA sponsors a program called SATOP a

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