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breathe right with balanced oxygen / carbon dioxide / nitric oxide.
Breathe right sports

balance breathing, the more oxygen up to 35% more air you can deliver into your body; increasing performance.

Breathe right sports

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Breathe right sports Australia .

Breathe right sports Breathe-ezy Nasal Dilators® have been developed to ensure measured steady breathing through the nose without over breathing.

Ensuring that your body receives correct balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide.
Also positive benefit giving you a feeling of Vitality and Well-being during breathing exercises..

In addition breathing through the nose is important if your muscles are to receive the correct balance oxygen carbon dioxide.
In conclusion for ideal performance carbon dioxide levels should read around 6% of the total air intake. And this you can only be achieve through nasal breathing.
And over breathing can throw this balance out due to excessive oxygen which in turn lowers carbon dioxide levels.
Thus carbon dioxide acts as a carrier through the blood stream to the muscles this shortfall results in weaker performance.

Finally re program your natural involuntary node breathing and feel the real benefits of health and vitality with a feeling of well being, Breathe-ezy Nasal dilators can be used economically by simply rinsing in cold water after each use for indefinite use.



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