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Are you concerned with the quality of air that you breathe? Are you interested in breathing a little easier? Take a moment to consider the invisible gases, fumes and vapors lurking in the air you breathe. These are often the most dangerous  air pollutants of all. How do you effectively deal with these gases, fumes and vapors? How can you clean the very air that you breathe? Rest assured, we here at Breathe-ezy Nasal Filters have a reliable and guaranteed solution on hand for you: active carbon  nasal filters. These amazing air cleaning Personal Nasal Filters ensure you receive best air quality and are an easy and all natural system of redress.

Activated Carbon air Purifiers- How It Works
The most effective and economic solution to eliminating traffic and diesel exhaust fumes, second hand smoke, gases and chemical vapors from the air comes in the form of an activated carbon filter.    Activated carbon is the answer! Yes, activated carbon is also known as the universal adsorbent and it is here to help you "Breathe Cleaner Air".

best quality airAdsorption is the physical attraction and adherence of gas or liquid molecules to the surface of a solid. Gas molecules are adsorbed (adsorption) by the power and precision air filtration of our activated carbon filters. When gaseous contaminants come into contact with activated carbon, they become trapped in tiny capillary passages on the surface of the carbon. This process can continue until all the passages are filled, much like saturating a sponge. Adsorption has proven, time and time again, to be the most effective and economical process for removing those invisible nuisances from the air you breathe. Activated carbon's natural brilliance in the art of adsorption is also the method of choice for applications such as gas masks, nuclear submarines and space capsules. It's proven, reliable and trusted by a multitude of factions looking, just like you, to clear the air.

clean air filtersHow amazing is activated carbon for clean air filters? No other material, be it natural or created by the hands of humankind, can achieve what the activated carbon filter does. What other material can and will adsorb almost any vapor? None can boast such indiscriminate application! Activated carbon also has a hearty appetite for organic molecules - solvents specifically. It's absolutely incredible! It will continue to adsorb while retaining a multitude of chemicals, simultaneously! A sworn enemy of smog, traffic exhaust fumes and passive smoke an activated carbon filter will annihilate these fumes and vapors with ease. Don't worry about atmospheric conditions because activated carbon filters continue to function brilliantly under almost any temperature and humidity conditions. In addition to all of this, it adsorbs chemicals and odors that mingle with moisture by actually releasing moisture to lure in the chemicals and odors! Here is the icing on the cake: the activated carbon filter is inert, innocuous, safe to handle and use. It is also completely affordable, and even better, available immediately.

activated carbon nasal filters.Considering the dilemmas of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? Fretting over effective odor removal? Worried about your beloved pet's unwanted contribution to the otherwise aromatic tranquility in your home? Contemplating how to protect yourself and family from exhaust fumes and second hand smoke? or that lingering smoke odor? Suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and looking for relief? Well ponder no more. We have the solution right here at your fingertips. Built from top grade, premium materials such as coconut shells, anthracite and bituminous coal, the activated carbon filter tackles every and any concern when it comes to adsorption, where they reign supreme. Activated carbon Personal nasal filters will put your worries  about noxious gases, passive smoke, exhaust fumes and chemical vapors and general airborne pollutants to bed with ease.

Activated Carbon  Nasal air Filters.
How can we here at Breathe-ezy Nasal Filters help you breathe easier? When it comes to those insidious, invisible gases and vapors polluting the very air that you breathe, an activated carbon nasal air filter is a necessity. Every one of our Breathe-ezy Personal Nasal filters and Personal Travel Filters  comes equipped and ready to work with an activated carbon filters.    Removing high levels of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, and odors. Personal Nasal Filters are extremely popular with our customers battling with and suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). activated carbon is very effective at exhaust fume and second hand smoke  removal and perfume and pet odor removal.


Designed by the Leading Minds in the Industry:   to give you personal protection from Airborne Pollutants. NASA sponsors a program called SATOP apassive smokend this program brought to our attention this particular activated carbon material. You can trust in our Personal nasal filters to protect you.nasal filters

Breathe-ezy Personal Nasal filters  Have a unique composite  HEPA structure of activated carbon/cellulose and these two materials are considered to be the best for  filtering minute particles odors and fumes thus ensuring best air quality.


Finally, you can remove chemicals, smoke, and invisible odors by utilizing your very own Personal Nasal Filters and Personal Travel Filters with  activated carbon filters! At Breathe-ezy Nasal Filters, we want to provide you with peace of mind through the ultimate in health, without the anxiety and debacle of how to most effectively clear the air of invisible airborne pollutants. With the help and advice of NASA,s  SATOP engineers we have done our homework, and have come up with the most effective, affordable, Personal Nasal Filters and Personal Travel Filters available on the market today.

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