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   Didseasonal influenza virus you know that your immune system is at its most vulnerable when you are travelilng, since you are exposed to many different viruses, seasonal influenza virus and airborne bacteria on the way. Once you have picked up the  influenza virus you may not realize for some 3 to 4 days and therefore no indication that you perhaps picked up the infectious virus in the plane or on the train/bus/boat leaving you feeling out of sorts at a time when you should be enjoying your well earned vacation. common cold symptoms

If you are flight staff or regular travellers  by aircraft over long periods, you should always breathe healthy airlines and shield yourself, avoid cross contamination and flu virus   and  common cold symptoms by wearing your personal travel filters during  travels. Why spoil your journey whether it be it work related, business  or pleasure through lack of preparation and Protection.

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Customer feedback

Snorenomor MaxAir Nasal Dilators

AID about 2 weeks ago...I think my Cat whacked it somehwere that I now
cant find it. If I was to buy 2 of them , do you give any kind of
discount. thks. And wow..it does work...finally slept with my wife after
about 2 years..no joke on that..thks. My user name was consignsite

Hello, I recently purchased your nasal cups and have been very satisfied
with them.  I"ve tried every alternative that I could find on the internet, and your product is the best by far for opening nasal passages and improving nose breathing

Ed Mcmean   USA.Note: Since sending this testimonial Ed and his wife have set up marketing nasal dilators on ebay from USA.


"Great product these Snorenomor, I used to be kept awake with my partners snoring, now I need to keep nudging him to make sure he is still breathing and alive."

Regards Teena. Gladstone Australia.

     Note: i've bought these once before and they work 110% i'm completely satisfied. the reason i'm ordering more is because my girlfriend accidently threw them out while cleaning the house.
If i could have just the large size dilators they were the ones that worked  I told my nose doctor about these so i'm sure he's recommending them to others.
guys.    Brad P

> hi there, i would like to say a big thank you. the breath ezy products i
> have bought are fabulous. my husband has driven me crazy for the last
> fourteen years with his
snoring. we have tried quite a few things, some
> being expensive and none have worked. thanks to your products i can now go
> to bed at a reasonable hour instead of staying awake `til the wee hours of
> the morning. my husband also says thanks, as he wakes up feeling much
> better. he no longer wakes up tired and cranky, and as he works long hours
> driving a truck the sleep he gets is important. he now gets a good sleep
> thanks to you.
> thank you
> jackie simpson

NSW, Australia

I recently purchased your nasal dilators and they are excellent. I have a very
resticted air passage in my left nostril and as a result have to breathe through my
mouth when I lay on my right side. I have tried nasal strips, band aids etc. but
with little success. I was looking to buy more nasal strips on Ebay when I saw your
site and thought that I had only $12 to loose so why not give them try. It has
turned out to be the best $12 I have ever spent I can now lay on my right side and
breathe through my nose. For others out there who have had a broken nose or have
restricted air ways give these a go they sure worked for me.
Thank you
Ipswich Qld

Personal Travel Filters

***** Travel filters - Veronica Whiteman (Cronulla, NSW, Australia)
Halo, I want to write and thank the person who invented breathe easy nose protectors, I  travel heaps and always have a runny nose after flights and sometimes have had bad chest infections following a flight. I wanted to go to England for years but was so frightened because of my \"flight colds\" because I've actually ended up in hospital after one flight.
Well I decided to try Breathe ezy travel filters after reading about them on the net, I found they worked on a flight to Perth so I finally decided to see how I went using them on a flight to England.
Not a drop of trouble with sneezes or chest infections that usually follow the sneezes, I sing your praises that I can now go anywhere I w
ant anytime.

Ciao, breath easy  thank you for great little product in travel filters, I travel a lot between Italy and Australia and sometimes feel dizzy on arival.
I do not like wearing the full face mask as you tend to look strange so your nasal filters do the trick and protect me without being obvious to all onboard, thanks.

Maria ( Rome Italia)

Thank you for the missive. I ran out of the large size and will make due
with my medium stock. I work at a call center with 500 employees with a
swine flu outbreak. Wearing these has kept me healthy despite the fact that
others sitting next to me are contagious with fevers and profuse coughing.
They all thought I was nuts to wear the filters. If you can send some
brochures, I will gladly place them around different departments. We are not
allowed to wear surgical masks, but these are perfect. 
 Many thanks, Frank Maycumber


Personal Nasal Filters

Joy, thanks so much for the message.  Dick (my husband) has already tried the multi-sized version and found the large were too big, the little too small and the mediums just right (sounds like Goldilocks and the three bears, doesn't it?).  I am quite excited for us to receive the nasal filters.  Dick has COPD.  He has played in a steel dart league for a very long time.  As you can imagine, the tournaments are always played in smoke filled bars.  With his COPD, we were concerned that he was going to need to drop out of his league due to the second hand smoke.  He's only used the original, medium nasal filter for one dart tournament and I think he was breathing better the next day (than without the filter).  So, we are very excited to receive the  next filters and watch his progress.  In the early '60's Dick lived in Neutral Bay and took the ferry to Sydney where he worked for a company called Transcript, PTY LTD.  He was there for about 2 years and dearly loved everyone he met before moving back to his home town in USA.   Thanks for being there for us. 

Regards, Denese  June/1/2007. USA

Dear David and Joy

I have chemical sensitivities and most smells effect my eyes. I began using your breathe ezy nasal filters 2 months ago and since then the new and improved quality of life I experience has been absolutely exceptional. I am very happy with my nasal filters I take them everywhere and on most days I feel on top of the world. You see for the last 2 years I have needed to wear a charcoal filter mask over my face when talking to anyone (because of perfumes, scented products and washing powders.) even while Im outdoors.

Although I still wear the mask for the times I am in enclosed spaces and when driving my car, I now have the nasal filters for all the other things like talking to my neighours, going for walks with my Daughter and jogging on the beach. As a direct result my health has improved and I am able to do so much more. Thank you David and Joy at Breathe ezy Nasal Filters you have helped me enormously.

                Wishing you all the best in business.

                               M.Van Loder.    Victoria, Australia.

Dear  Breathe ezy

I have been an avid cyclist for the most of my life until my Doctor advised me to give cycling up due to health problems from car exhaust fumes and pollen spores, I used to feel sick and lethargic after training runs with massive headaches and breathing difficulties.

Anyway just before Christmas a friend give me one of your activated carbon nasal filters to try, and since then I now cycle between 25 and 50 kilometers a day ( not bad for 65 year old) I feel great even in heavy traffic and will continue to use your nasal filters for cycling, great product, keep up the good work.


G L W    Cheshire, England.

Personal Pollen Filters

I thought I would give you some feedback regarding the cups. Five years ago, I had a skin cancer removed from my nose which ran rather deep. In the process the surgeon cut deeply into the side of the nose (I know, too much information). In any event, after he did that whenever I try to breathe deeply that nostril closes in on itself, thereby restricting air from getting in. As you can imagine, this does not necessarily have a positive effect when one is attempting to get as much oxygen as these old lungs need. I have used the cups in two conditions, one with the filters in, one with just the cups, and having used Afrin (a product used to clear nasal passages from being stuffed). The cups, wonderfully so, did what I had hoped they would and kept the nasal passage from collapsing in. I could not jog as far with the filters in as I could with the cups by themselves, although that too is confounded by the fact that when I did so, it was my first attempt, and even with that I ran further than I could have without the cups. I do not know if this is helpful, but in my case your product may enable me to eventually get to the point of doing a 10k event.

Mike USA.

The Breathe-ezy nasal filters are a great product.

I have a funky immune system, which means I react to a lot of different things....dust, mould, petro-chemicals to name a few.  Having a fragile immune system means that I have to avoid using drugs as much as possible incase they cause further damage to my immune system.  A non-drug alternative is beneficial for me as it doesn't impact on the body.

They have been renovating at work, and I have ended up with migraine each day.  When I used the nasal filters, I didn't get migraine. I found the filters easy to get used to (and after a while, people stopped advising me that i needed to use a tissue!  They thought the connector was a droplet!)

Please feel free to use this as a recommendation, in part or whole, though I would prefer you use only my first name.


Hana     NSW  Australia.

Hi Dave,

Just letting you know that the order arrived yesterday and I had my most
hayfever free day for a month!  I will be in the office tomorrow and should
be making a bigger order tomorrow.



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